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What is a Health Certificate? How much does it cost?
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A Health Certificate is a required document that allows your pet to travel to certain states or countries. The requirements vary depending on the airline, state and country to which you’re traveling.


Domestic Health Certificates typically cost anywhere from $200 to $350. If you’re traveling internationally, this will require more in-depth planning and may cost significantly more.


Our team can help you get a Health Certificate for domestic travel (within the contiguous United States). 


Please note: pet travel to Hawaii and internationally is more complex so we do not offer this service. We are happy to provide you with a list of local pet travel companies you can choose to work with. 


Be sure to check out the USDA Pet Travel site to learn more about travel requirements for pets. If you’d like to request a Health Certificate through our team, send us a chat on the app to discuss your travel plans with one of our virtual customer service representatives.

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