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What is not included in a Modern Animal membership?
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Membership at Modern Animal covers appointment-based visits, but our practice is not an emergency hospital. As a general practice clinic, we will work to accommodate every urgent issue you come across, but we cannot always guarantee immediate in-clinic availability.


That said, the Modern Animal app provides you 24/7 virtual care, so you can always be in touch with a veterinary professional. If you’re concerned for your pet or have seen a change in behavior, please send a chat to the virtual care team, and they will help you find the right solution.


With a yearly Modern Animal membership, you will no longer need to pay exam fees when you visit. However, treatment, diagnostics, medication, and other services are not included in the membership. You will always receive a tailored estimate based on your pet's actual health conditions and our recommendations. No charge will be ever made without your approval. No exceptions. No surprises.

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